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Yunushi Ichijo’s “Basic” Style with quality cuisines for both breakfast and dinner

With this plan, you can enjoy the great hospitality of Yunushi Ichijo for a reasonable price.
The reason why this plan is very popular is because customers can enjoy eating our recommended Cuisine of the Woods at our private restaurant and bathe in our Onsen for a reasonable price.
Let us now tell you more about this basic plan.

  • You can choose from four different room types.
  • Both breakfast and dinner will be served at our private restaurant.
  • We will come to your room to guide you to the dining hall.
  • For your main dish, you can choose from either meat or seafood.
  • For breakfast, you can choose either Japanese style breakfast or Western style breakfast.
  • Free Internet service available (only for Modern Japanese / Western style room)
  • For women, we have optional Yukata clothes available for an additional fee.

This is our basic accommodation plan for one night with two meals.
We will guide a group of up to six persons to our private restaurant, and for groups of over seven persons, we will prepare a different cuisine hall.
(We’re sorry, we do not have a karaoke machine at the cuisine hall.)

Modern Japanese/Western Style Room

We receive very positive feedbacks on this beautiful room from our customers. We believe it is because we used a lot of woods for this room.
There is a Kotatsu close by the windows, and you can take in the healthy air of the woods if you open the windows.
It is also good to enjoy drinking coffee in a relaxing room like this.

  • The room is 40m2 and has a kotatsu.
  • Two queen-size Simmons beds, which you can always connect to make space for your children.
  • Bath, toilet (with shower), hangers, TV, refrigerator (empty inside. Please use it as you like), organic coffee
  • Free Internet service with LAN cables available (please bring your own PC)
Modern Japanese/Western Style Room
Japanese/Western room with a modern atmosphere. Please choose your favorite room out of eight different types.
Modern Japanese/Western Style Room
Please enjoy delicious cuisines cooked by our chef, Mr. Sato.
Modern Japanese/Western Style Room
Rice cake made with pumpkin. It has an elegant, sweet flavor. Prepared in the fridge in your room.

Japanese/Western Room

This room was renovated in 2008, and has both a Japanese style room and a Western style room. It can hold up to 4 persons and has two beds.
It is located very close to our medicated bath and private restaurant.

Japanese/Western Room
Perfect for use with your family or important ones.
Japanese/Western Room
You can enjoy fresh greens, autumn leaves, and snowy sights here.
Japanese/Western Room
Please enjoy delicious cuisines cooked by our chef, Mr. Sato.

Japanese Style Room with Two Rooms

The biggest Japanese style room at Yunushi Ichijo with two Japanese style rooms inside.
It can hold up to six persons, which is perfect for families and groups.

The rooms comes with a toilet (with a shower room), hangers, TV, and a refrigerator (empty inside).
It is located in the middle of our hotel, and you wouldn’t have any trouble accessing the two baths and our private restaurant.
We only have one room of this type, so we recommend you make your reservation much in advance.

You can use this room the way it suits you with your important ones and family.
Japanese Style Room with Two Rooms
Please enjoy delicious cuisines cooked by our chef, Mr. Sato.
Japanese Style Room with Two Rooms
Private Restaurant “Shouan” has a special atmosphere that only a 600-year-old Japanese inn can create. The cuisines served here are stunningly amazing.

10-mat Japanese style room

This is our most basic room available for a reasonable price.
It is a 10-mat Japanese style room with a shower and a toilet. Outside the windows, you can get a nice view of our main building, which gets lit up at night. It is almost like a scene out of a movie.
No wonder why we have many repeat customers visit us to have our amazing cuisine and atmosphere, and to meet our staff.

We installed a floor heating system around the table and the chairs close by the windows.
We got rid of the sliding doors and placed a double-layered sash.

Checkin: 3PM Checkout: 11AM
Please enjoy our meal at our private restaurant, Shouan, while listening to jazz music.
Please let us know what time you want your breakfast served.

You can combine this plan with aroma oil esthetic service, foot massage, and full-body massage.

TV, refrigerator (empty inside. Please use it as you like.)

*No bath

*This room is made of wood.
If you are bringing children under the age of five, we recommend you to reserve a different room.

10-mat Japanese style room
The most reasonable room at Yunushi Ichijo that is popular among many of our repeat customers.
10-mat Japanese style room
Wash basin made with sheet copper creates a nostalgic atmosphere.
10-mat Japanese style room
You can get a view of our main building from the window. When the main building gets lit up at night, it almost looks like a scene out of a movie.